FIMI Tension Levelling Lines: quality and flexibility

FIMI has a complete range of Tension Leveller suitable for different material, like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper. FIMI can propose Tension Levellers for a large range of thickness starting to 12 up to 5 mm and width up to 2.800 mm and line speed up to 300 mpm.

Basically, the Tension Leveller proposed can be divide in three main different units: 

  • TTL Line with traditional Tension Leveller.
  • PTL Line with Pure Tension Leveller with Proflexroll®.
  • Line with Pure Tension Leveller with Proflexroll® and Traditional Tension Leveller combined.

Traditional Tension Leveller (TTL) consists in a group of bridles in entry and exit with a unit of levelling rolls + yielding rolls. Levelling group operates in levelling with levelling rolls when the strip is under tension and in bending with small yielding roll equipped with a roll-bending device.

Pure Tension Levelling Line (PTL) has been expressly studied and designed for the production of thin strip, from 12 up to 0,9 mm and it grants a perfect flatness without scratches, chatter marks and surface defects.
A proper strip flatness, improving the strip itself, is carried out by means of a group of bridles rolls with PROFLEXROLL® expandible roll. The PROFLEXROLL® increases the elongation of the strip only when there is a residual stress in strip by modifying the external roll diameter. In this way it’s possible to change the outer diameter of PROFLEXROLL® in function of material defects.

The Pure tension-leveller is different from the traditional configuration for the absence of small yielding rolls and levelling rollers and for his compact dimensions. In case of large range of strip thickness Fimi can propose a combined solution with Tension Leveller and Pure Tension Leveller. In this case the levelling line runs with traditional unit of levelling rolls + yielding rolls for thick strip and with PROFLEXROLL® for thin strip.
Each levelling solution proposed by Fimi has some common high technological solution like the kinematic system with differential gear that allows a significant energy savings, a strong structure that allows an average long life, low cost for maintenance.

The Fimi Tension levellers allow to obtain very high flatness values.

Each Tension Leveller can equipment with A.F.A., an automatic flatness control system that through a Tension Detector Roll detects the strip flatness deviation at the exit to Tension Leveller. The Tension Detector Roll, detects all the strip tension values in the longitudinal area, in function of the strip tension the system drive the different tension for each area. With this system it’s possible to manage the tension leveller adjustment for improving the strip flatness in automatic mode without operators.

The Fimi Tension levellers can be installed not only in tensioning line but combined with degreasing line or whenever it’s necessary to improve the flatness of the material such as in the entry side of slitting lines.

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