A new certificate that makes FIMI proud!

It is with great pleasure that we want to share the happiness of another of our partner for choosing FIMI for its business, that makes us proud!

We are speaking of Becker Aluminium-Service GmbH, one of the main German service centres, active in processing and supplying of aluminium flat products which equipped itself with a multiform leveling and cutting line for its headquarter in Böhnen in 2018.

The scope of installation was to increase the performances and the sheet metal cutting quality for automotive manufacturers and their subcontractors by means of applications like hotmelt, process tracking, high precision and special cutting patterns.

Characteristics implemented in the plant that allows Becker to be the only service centre that can satisfy the demanding specifications on the flatness of one of the world's largest German automotive manufacturers, as recently communicated in the attached e-mail.

This is one of the reasons to affirm the quality of our plants, if there is still need, which are able to achieve performances difficult to match as a result of cutting-edge technology and in-depth process knowledge, not only in steels but also in aluminium and other alloys.

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