New life for your plants thanks to FIMI Service!

Revamping, a term increasingly used in the steel industry and beyond.

But what is it?

This concerns a series of revisions, upgrades, and modernizations on machines and/or complete plants, with the aim of extending its life cycle within the production process.
In this regard, FIMIGroup can support the customer with its know-how and the necessary expertise thanks to FIMI Service, the division able to guarantee punctual and professional support in the after-sales service and in both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
Years of direct experience in the factories of the most important steel players allow us to design customized solutions capable of achieving these goals.

Used or unproductive plants and machines are analyzed by our technicians and then renovated in both software and hardware parts and equipped with automation and advanced electronic systems for the purpose of:

  • increase performance:
    increasing production capacity through an optimization of the process and the adoption of more advanced components.

  • Increase the level of safety:
    by implementing solutions that make it safer for the operator to use the system.

  • Reduce the energy consumed:
    increasing the efficiency level of the plant, reducing its consumption, and decreasing its environmental impact, among the first goals of every company.

  • Lower the maintenance costs:
    by upgrading with the latest and easiest-to-find components, revamping allows to reduce the maintenance costs and the disadvantages of plant downtime.

  • Increase the quality of the material produced.

  • Preserve the value of the machine or plant throughout time.

  • Standardization and recertification:
    enabling the machine to be in line with the current norms, also in view of industry 4.0.




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