FIMI Service is the division able to guarantee an accurate and professional support in the after-sales service and in the maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary, of FIMI lines.

But FIMI Service is much more than this. Years of direct experience in the plants of the most important players in the industry, combined with a continuous training of its technicians, allow FIMI Service to provide a variety of complementary services ranging from simple modifications, to the complete revamping up to the transformation and construction of mechanical units, lines for steel plants, coil processing lines, tube production lines and lines for internal handling.

Used plants or plants with poor production performance are analyzed by technicians and completely revamped with automatisms and advanced electronic systems in order to:

  • Increase their production capacity.
  • Extend the life of the line.
  • Preserve their value over time.
  • Increase the quality of the products manufactured.


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The presence of FIMI Service inside companies all over the world can be found especially where the maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic units is a vital need, and it is right here that the work of FIMI Service technicians is appreciated.

FIMI Service is able to provide complete assistance, through the services of:

  • Installation, commissioning and start-up of plants.
  • Training of the Customer’s personnel.
  • After-sales assistance with supply of spare parts.
  • Direct interventions in production.
  • Remote support.

In order to answer to the growing need for specialized assistance from Costumers, the FIMI Service division can manage 360° Costumers’ request, working from office or right on site.

Intervention teams have at their disposal means equipped as mobile workshop, completely independent, in order to make all needed interventions in every side of Italy and abroad.

Reliability, promptness and service plenitude have made FIMI Service a valid reference for important companies of international fame like, for example, Tenaris, Brembo and Ilva.

The entire industrial plant is situated in Mapello (Bergamo) ad it is easily accessible thanks to the strategic position close to the main airports and highways of Northern Italy.

The Service division occupies an area of 8.000 square meters (half of which is covered) and it is organized in the following units:

  • Technical and engineering department.
  • Cutting and first processing unit.
  • Carpentry.
  • Welding unit.
  • Mechanical workshop.
  • Assembling unit.
  • Testing unit.

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