In FIMI’s production range, special machines are as important as the finishing and processing lines. Studied in detail with technologically advanced solutions, they can be inserted in already existing plants in order to optimize and improve their performance.


FIMI Tension Levelling Lines are based on an efficient and extremely reliable technology to ensure perfect flatness, low maintenance and easy operation.

High machining precision of slabs or plate, easy automatic control line operation, low consumption of rolls, efficient chips suction.  


Tension leveller

The deep knowledge of the material and of the productive process is reflected in the performance of FIMI’s Tension levellers:

  • TLL - Traditional with anti-cambering and Yielding rolls.
  • MULTILEVELLER (patented) with levelling rolls configured with growing diameter to relieve residual internal stress.
  • TLL - Standard that combines traditional levelling with the evolution of the MULTILEVELLER to slash maintenance costs and downtime.
  • PTL, the high tension levelling system with (patented) PROFLEXROLL® with variable section roll.
  • Combined-TLL, exploiting the synergy of several systems in a single product, for a material that responds to the needs of several industrial sectors.

Slab Milling Machine

Designed and realized for companies active in the field of metalworking, FIMI’s milling machines are characterized by a high mechanical efficiency combined with a perfect control of the installed power.

  • High-precision machining.
  • Perfect centering and mapping of the slab at entry.
  • Easy automatic use of the line.
  • Low wear of tools.
  • Reduced consumption of the oil for cut.
  • High efficient chip suction (99.9%).

Upper mill holder head, for the machining of the upper horizontal surface of the slab. Automatic system for detection of dimensions and profile of the slab at entry. Slab turn-over system with position control. Inserts of scalping tools designed to be used twice as roughing tools, and twice as finishing tools, with consequent reduction of costs for spare parts and related expenses of stock.

Vacuum system for Venturi effect ensures not only the dust collection with an efficiency of 99,9%, but also higher production volume, thanks to the reduced downtime for maintenance. Automatic, semi-automatic and sequential working mode.

Chip Compactor

FIMI’s compactor doesn’t mince the scraps, but it compresses them without production of dust, as with traditional system.
The chips are sucked in and conveyed through soundproofed pipes to the silo before the compactor. In the silo is not produced never accumulation of chips in order to avoid problems with the normal discharge flow.

The compactor is composed by a first part in which the chips are pushed by means of two rotary screws towards the compactor rollers.
The chips pushed into contact of the two rollers are compacted to form a homogeneous panel. At the exit of the compactor rollers a rotary shear provides to cut the panels into pieces whose length is variable.
The panels so cut then are conveyed through a discharger conveyor to the containers to be divided according to the type of processed alloy.

Trimming Shears

STD and HP trimming shears with automatic positioning of the cutting heads and high-speed operation on thicknesses from 0,10 ÷ 5 mm. The accuracy of the radial and axial rotation of the heads ensures very high cutting accuracy and virtually no burrs.
FIMI trimming shears have been designed to house a central cutting head that increases their versatility.


Oilers that are perfectly adaptable to existing systems to increase their production range. Dosing is precise and constant, whereas the product is distributed evenly, even at low grammages.
The immediacy of the adjusting system and the rapid roll change achieved thanks to the careful study of the process and maintenance details, make FIMI Oilers easy to use. Appropriate heat insulation ensures safety and energy saving.


Modern FIMI embossers for aluminum and stainless steel with customised cylinders are further proof of FIMI’s ability to fulfill customers needs.
The version with interchangeable embossing heads meets the need to reduce the downtime required for roll changing.

Stitching Machine

“Meander joint” or “punched” stitching to suit every strip thickness and width. For on-line joining, FIMI has developed a range of high-pressure hydraulic stitching machines with automatic control of the path of the on-line joint that are precise and safe.



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