Our slitting lines are designed to guarantee the best surface quality of the strip and the highest production capacity.

These results are possible thanks to a range of special machines and devices engineered by FIMI.

FIMI Slitting lines can be equipped with complementary devices such as: robots for slitting tooling and separator shafts, automatic change of the tooling set and of the cutting heads, strip thickness measuring devices, strip inspection devices, oiling machines etc.


Material Thickness

0.03 - 20.0

Strip Width

200 - 2.200

Working Speed
up to


Tensile Strength
up to


Coil Weight
up to




This is FIMI Patented System minded to achieve uniform tension among the slits as an outcome from coil Slitting process.
Tensioning systems are designed in a complete variety to mate with the most delicate surfaces, just to mention aluminum, stainless-steel, painted-steel and the most rugged heavy-gauge steel: FIMI NFTS® is designed to mate with the former ones.

The unit pictured on the left is one of several configurations, and specifically features:

  • A motorized pre-tensioning roll, blue color, collecting the strips from the looping-pit.
  • A tension pinch-roll, red color, which provides uniform tension among the strips.
  • A deflecting roll, blue color.

Each roll is motorised, characterised by a special construction solution with independent pulleys and equipped with a patented internal braking system for the individual pulleys, which is as simple as it is effective and easy to maintain.


For Automotive applications

Slitting Lines for automotive applications are especially designed to fulfil the surface quality needs and cutting precision and quality required by car manufacturers. The typical thickness range is 0,3-3 mm, but it goes up to 8 mm in the case of car structural steels. FIMI supplies also special applications to process strip, with thickness variation up to 50% in short length steps throughout the coil length obtained by a special rolling process.
The material processed is carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, even in High Tensile grade.

For High Strength Steel (HSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS)

Special Slitting Line configuration for processing high strength and ultra-high strength material, up to 2.000 MPa tensile value.

Typical application: for grass cutting machines blades.

For Hot Rolled Heavy Gauge Steel (up to 20 mm.)

Slitting Lines for Hot Rolled Heavy Gauge Steel have been successfully developed to match the typical applications in structural engineering, cranes, lifting equipment in general, poles for wind turbines and for the pipes & tubes industry. The thickness range is from 2 to 20 m.
These slitting lines require special solutions for the strip feeding process especially after the slitting shear, for scrap chopping and handling and for strip recoiling and discharge.

For Tinplate and Pre-painted Steel

Dedicated decoiling, shearing, braking and recoiling solutions for achieving both, strip surface respect and strip internal metallic structure integrity, requested by pre-painted steel and grain-oriented steel process.

For Stainless Steel, Aluminum e non-Ferrous Alloys

These kinds of Slitting Lines are featured with machines, technical solutions and devices which are due to mate with the nature and typical figures of these metals:

  • Stainless steel up to 18 mm. thickness, for application in chemistry, nuclear plants, food industry, architecture.
  • Aluminium, Copper and Brass down to thickness 0,1 mm., which imposes the line has to run at a high-speed of 800 m/min.
  • For all the applications, strip tension is applied with high accuracy downstream the Uncoiler.
  • For all the applications, the Slitting Shear is featured either with Automatic-change of Slitting Tooling Set-up or Automatic-change of the complete Slitting-head.
  • Special features like the quick change of the recoiler mandrel are implemented.

For Coil Inspection, Recoiling and Repairing

These lines running at high speed (typically up to 400 m/min.) are designed for very high productivity (about 400’000 ton/year) and are equipped with special devices such as:

  • Thickness measurement.
  • Inspection cabins with lights, mirrors and surface quality inspection devices.
  • High speed rotary shear for discarding damaged portions of coils thanks to a Level 2 connection between the line and the recordings from the Rolling Mill.
  • Side trimming and center cut with scrap chopper.
  • Laser welding of coils.
  • Surface oiling and oil thickness measurement.
  • Belt wrapper to avoid strip clamping in the mandrel.
  • Automatic coil strapping, weighing and labelig.


Entry Group

  • Coil storing and loading.

  • Coil opening and uncoiling.

  • Strip centering and guiding.

  • Strip straightening and/or pre-levelling.

  • Cutting of coil tails.


Longitudinal shearing or trimming equipped with belt centering and calming.
Side scrap winding and/or shearing.


  • Devices for controlling and guiding the belt and/or the strips in the loop.
  • Devices for facilitated overtaking of the loop during the introduction of the material.
  • Anti-fall devices of the belt tail in the pit.


Tensioning of the slit strands is a peculiar function of a Slitting Line: tension is set onto the slit strands to generate perfect built up of tightly wound coils on Recoiler. Tensioning is featured ranging among a variety of systems engineered and designed depending upon to the quality surface of the strip and its gauge: the extreme limits in this regard are represented respectively by aluminium and stainless-steel BA quality, and carbon steel gauging 18 mm. Tensioning Systems are ranged among two families as:

  • friction Systems, applied for carbon steel;
  • non-friction Systems, applied for stainless steel BA quality and every other delicate surface.

Cropping of Coil Tails and Baby Coils Sharing

Automatic solutions for cutting of coil tails and for the division of the coils into baby coils with rapid resumption of processing.


  • Winding from above and below, with or without clamping.
  • Solutions dedicated to avoid marking sensitive materials.


Exit coil car with different configurations for off-line strapping.


"Customized design" packing lines.

Complementary Devices

  • Tooling set managed by robots.

  • Separator disks managed by robots.

  • Belt wrapper.

  • Automatic paper application device at recoiler.

  • Automatic change recoiler mandrel.

  • Slits threading grippers from slitting shear to recoiler mandrel.

  • Automatic change of Slitting Shear Head.



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