FIMI processing lines cover a wide range of thicknesses and widths for different types of materials. The levelling, tension levelling, degreasing and coating lines represent the best technologically advanced solutions on the market.
FIMI is able to manufacture degreasing lines with pressurized hot water, with alkaline solution, with acid solution or with electrolytic cell for thicknesses starting from a minimum of 12 microns thanks to patented systems.

FIMI processing lines are particularly suitable for the production of thin materials for automotive, food and electronic applications, as well as for more traditional applications such as building materials or structural parts in the automotive, aeronautic or naval fields.

Also for the levelling and tension levelling lines, FIMI has patented some devices that enable the levelling of materials with high resistance values, covering a range of thicknesses from 12 microns up to 25 mm.  

The levelling and tension levelling systems are particularly suitable also for the processing of materials with delicate surfaces (aluminium, stainless steel). This is due to devices specifically engineered for this purpose and patented by FIMI.
In order to optimize the quality of the final products, it is possible to combine our levelling units in the degreasing and coating lines, as well as in the finishing and cutting lines.


Material Thickness

0,012 - 5,0

Strip Width

200 - 2800

Working Speed
up to


Tensile Strength
up to


Coil Weight
up to



FIMI Tension Levelling Lines are based on an efficient and extremely reliable technology to ensure perfect flatness, low maintenance and easy operation.

Built-in high tension levelling system for lithographic material. According to the defect in the material, it is indeed possible to modify the profile of the roller.

Degreasing System with atomising nozzles for foil.


Tension Levelling Lines

FIMI Tension Levelling Lines are based on an efficient and extremely reliable technology.
Three products to suit different productive needs to ensure perfect flatness, low maintenance costs and easy operation:

  • Standard Tension Levelling Lines;
  • ProflexRoll® Tension Levelling Lines;
  • Combined Tension Levelling Lines.

Constantly improved and enhanced, they now have:

  • a built-in high tension levelling system with the ProflexRoll® (patented), making them a top-range product in particular for CT plate and PS plate.
  • an automatic Flatness Adjuster with TDRoll® (patented), an automatic system for detecting and adjusting the levelling process, reduces operating problems and cuts costs.

Degreasing and Pre-Treatment Lines

Degreasing & Pre-Treatment Lines have been designed to obtain perfectly treated material and improve operating efficiency whilst fully respecting the surrounding environment.

They are available in three versions:

  • Washing with hot water or steam.
  • Chemical degreasing in spray baths with alkaline and/or acid products.
  • Electrolytic degreasing.


These are products that include a series of innovations in each detail, from the squeezing rolls, to the spraying ramps to the drying oven, to the electrolytic cells to the mechanical cleaning mechanisms and the control and managing devices.

Within this scope, FIMI production has ventured beyond the market standards to enable the processing of even very thin aluminium material (down to 12 μm) to achieve results that maintain the material’s mechanical features unaltered.

Advanced Coating Lines with Special Machines

FIMI advanced coating lines are designed with cycles managed by PLC or PC, storable formulas, wireless operator interfaces and data exchange with the production office.

Special lines with variable configuration, designed to coat different materials on the same plant. All FIMI lines can be equipped with:

  • coating devices with automatic multi-color changeover;

  • anthropomorphic robots for painting and handling;

  • complex sensor networks to ensure product quality and safety for the workers;

  • innovative solutions for space and costs containment.



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