FIMI has developed lines, able to level high strength steel coils up to 2.000 N/mm2 yield strength, reaching a perfect quality of levelling and a level of dimension of internal stress such as to meet the special requests related to laser cutting.

These excellent performances are possible thanks to the application of a levelling philosophy, which is based on the progressive contribution of several levellers in cascade, adjusted so as to produce a sort of tension levelling.

According to the production range, FIMI levelling and cut to length lines are equipped with a minimum of two machines, a pre-leveller and a leveller, up to a maximum of three machines, namely a pre-leveller with two levellers in cascade.


Material Thickness

0,1 - 25,4

Strip Width
up to


Sheets Length
up to


Tensile Strength
up to


Coil Weight
up to




This is a FIMI patented system, already applied on several lines, necessary for levelling both high strength steel strips and non-ferrous strips with a very delicate surface.
The TDDS is based on the application of special sliding couplings on each exit shaft of the drive unit distributor, as connecting elements to the shafts that transmit motion to the flattening rollers.

The couplings work in an oil bath, in a special tank, to ensure adequate lubrication and cooling conditions. They are made of special materials that guarantee the possibility of continuous sliding during the entire levelling process, rather than only occasional and sudden sliding when a certain high torque value is reached, as is the case with any sliding coupling available on the market with a protection function against torque overloads.

The purpose of this system is not primarily to protect mechanical parts from overloading (which is in any case a function intrinsically guaranteed by the system), but to obtain a sort of distribution of the levelling torque through all the working rollers and a sort of independence, in terms of rotation speed, of each roll with respect to the others. In this way, each roll can assume its own speed, different from the other rolls, and dependent on the curvature of the strip being levelled in the area of contact with the roll itself. In addition, the torque required for levelling is shared quite homogenously among all rolls, avoiding torque conflicts between the various working rolls and significantly raising the resistance limit of the processable material with the same diameter of the levelling rolls.

The result is no sliding between the working rolls and the strip surface, resulting in a much longer life of the working rolls and no scratches on the strip surface. The sharing of levelling torque among the rolls allows less power consumption (because all the rolls are giving a positive contribute for levelling without braking and fighting against the other) and the possibility to process materials with ultra-high strength mechanical properties that otherwise couldn’t be processed by traditional levelling drive system, because the levelling torque through the most loaded rolls would break them.


For Automotive applications

The levelling and cut to length lines for automotive applications are specifically designed to meet the needs of the surface quality and the narrow tolerances of the sheets dimensions demanded by automotive manufacturers.
The typical thicknesses range from 0,3 to 3,5 mm, while the material processed is both steel (including HSS) and aluminium.

For cutting Trapezoidal Sheets and "Multiform"

This type of cut to length line is equipped with a special and innovative rotary shear, provided with tilting mould holders and an automatic mould-changing device.
This solution allows the assembly of equipment for various types of cut (rectilinear orthogonal and/or reclined for trapezoidal sheets or rectilinear for various templates). It is used both for carbon steel up to 3,00 mm thickness and for aluminium up to 5,0 mm thickness.

For "Multi-Blanking" applications

These are combined line configurations, equipped with a Slitting shear to cut the coil into strips (max 5 strips) and with a subsequent cut to length shear to cut the strips into sheets.
These applications are typical of the appliance and automotive industries.

For High Strength Steel (HSS) & Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS)

Cut To Length lines for Hot Rolled HSS and UHSS have been successfully developed to match the increasing demand of the market in reducing the thickness of the material while increasing its strength. Traditional Cut to Length configuration could never be able to process such HSS and UHSS material, so FIMI developed a special patented system, TDDS®, for leveller drives and a special multi leveller regulation and control system.

For Heavy Gauge Steel (up to 25,4mm)

Cut To Length lines for Hot Rolled Heavy Gauge Steel are becoming more and more popular in the recent years, due to the increasing demand for heavy plates from coils for structural engineering, wagons, ships, etc.
Also, these lines take advantage of the patented TDDS® system developed by FIMI for its levelers in order to remove smoothly the internal tensions of the material. In some special cases requested by the customers an Inline Skin Pass Mill can be added to the line for increasing the surface quality.

For Tinplate and Pre-Painted Sheets

These lines are characterized by solutions aimed at maximal productivity (process speed up to 180 m/min), at maximum respect of the strip surface and the production of sheets with very strict geometric tolerances of width, length and squaring.

For Stainless Steel, Aluminum and non-Ferrous Alloys

This kind of Cut to Length Lines, either for thin or thick gauge aluminum, are featured by machines, devices and technical solutions very much dedicated to the nature of this metal, the way it is produced in the upstream processes and its fields of applications; just for citing few of the matters which are paid for attention.

Combined Lines

These are implementations of cut to length lines either with the insertion of a recoiler upstream of the cut to length shear, to be able to rewind, totally or partially, the trimmed and levelled strip; or with the insertion of a slitter shear upstream of the cut to length shear, to be able to cut more sheets simultaneously.

Sheet to Sheet Leveling

Our proven experience in Sheet-to-Sheet Levelling of high strength and heavy gauge steel is extended to aluminium: a single leveler is provided with 1 to 3 roller-cassettes to perform “laser cut quality leveling” of the wanted thickness range; cassette change is featured semi or fully automatic. Entry and exit pinch-rolls are to complete the leveler for sheet multiple & reversing leveling. Our expertise covers also Scale Brushing & Vacuum Cleaning which is a must to be considered when leveling high strength steel. Entry and Exit Roller Conveyors are designed to mate with the wanted sheet length.

Press Feeding Lines

It is a levelling line with a feeder + loop configuration for press feeding, typical application for the moulding of car body parts. These lines are characterized by high production capacity, maximum product quality both in terms of flatness and dimensional tolerance and in relation to the superficial respect of the strip, as well as by a high content of automation.


Entry Group

  • Coil Stocking and automatic loading with vertical and horizontal centering.

  • Automated strap removal devices, both off-line and on board of the recoiler.

  • Devices of various configurations for opening the strip head.

  • Static and dynamic strip centering with head straightening.

  • Cropping, automatic cutting of the tails and scrap handling.


  • Edge trimming from 0,1 to 25,4 mm.

  • Possibility of integration with central cut.

  • Scrap winders, to wind the scrap in coils/spools.

  • High efficiency scrap cutters.

  • Customized solutions for scrap handling.


Levelling is the heart of the technological process of cut to length lines, and it is the function in which FIMI has dedicated the most research and development activity. We have defined innovative solutions that represent the state of the art of the sector and that are absolutely essential in order to be able to process the most modern materials, developed by the most advanced steel mills.

Cut to Length

Different typologies of shears are available to cut the coil into sheets, depending on the type of material to be processed and the production capacity required.

  • Fixed and oscillating hydraulic shears.

  • Fixed quick shear with fly-wheel and brake/clutch.

  • Drum shear “Rotronic”.

  • Rotary shear “Vectronic” for strips up to 8mm thickness.

  • Rotary shear “Transtronic” for strips up to 16mm thickness.

  • Rotary shear for trapezoidal or shaped sheets.

  • Flying shear up to 25,4 mm.


  • Vacuum stacker.

  • Magnetic stacker.

  • Air cushion stacker.

  • Rackets stacker.

  • Air cushion and rackets stacker.

  • Bomb doors stacker.

  • Stacker for trapezoidal sheets.

Complementary Devices

  • Paper Recoiler.

  • Automatic Plastic Film Application.

  • Paper Application.

  • Book Opening Cassette.

  • Machinery Tools Handling.

  • Multiple Brushing System for Scale Removal.

  • Large Cassette Overturning Device for Heavy Gauge Levelers.

  • Cleaning of Rolls in Levelling Cassette.

  • In Line Sheet Flatness & Dimensions Measuring System.



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