Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, FIMI is able to design, build and install plants for the production of tubes in the range from 13 up to 508 mm API diameter, manufacturing them according to production speeds and thicknesses to customer specifications.

Besides complete lines, FIMI provides individual parts for the replacement or integration into existing production lines: uncoilers, coil opening units, automatic strip joint benches, horizontal spiral accumulators, straighteners.


Tube diameter

13,0 - 508,0

Material thickness

0,3 - 16,0

Tube lengths

500 - 20.000

Working speed

0 - 150

Coil weight
up to



FIMI designers are facing every day challenges in order to keep their machines to the top level in technology, maintainability and reliability. Every project is verified in every detail in order to give the Customer the best result. The flexibility, the experience of the designers and the wide know-how reached in all the areas related to industrial machineries, permit FIMI to offer a complete portfolio of production lines and accessories machines for the complete process of tube mills.

Time by time, the experience in tube mills has grown passing from small sizes and thicknesses up to the top range of tubes production. The quality of the tubes produced has also increased from structural to oil and gas including also machinery for the profiling, finishing and testing of the tubes. This brought the know-how also in machinery types like end-facing, hydrostatic-test, NDT island (online and offline) and automatic packing.

The technology in profiling process has been increased including cage forming for the linear profiling of the tube substituting some of the standard passages giving more flexibility and productivity to our tube mills.


Electro-Welded Tube Mills

FIMI Tube Mills have to guarantee the best product quality while also giving the best performance during production (in terms of speed achieved) and during maintenance/set-up (in terms of ease of maintainability and quick-change solution for equipment set-up).

To achieve the best performance, the line also needs the best cutting technology. For this reason, a lot of research has been devoted to on-the-fly cutting systems in order to guarantee the best performance in terms of cycle time and blade life.

On its high quality tube mills, FIMI also offers a single motorization on each profiling shaft. This allows extreme control of the speed and torque distributed on each shaft and the possibility of adjusting the ratio between top and bottom speed to avoid sliding on the strip surfaces.

Automatic strip joint benches

Together with the accumulator, it permits to change coil and joint it with the already working strip maintaining constant the speed of the tube mill.
In order to permit a no-stop function of the mill and avoiding to introduce the material head for every coil, the strip preparation joint bench is able to permit to joint the head and the tail of 2 coils after having crop them in order to have a clear welding edge. All the cycle can be performed in fully automatic mode.

The unit is composed by:

  • Entry Guiding Adjustable System.
  • Pinch System for the head of the strip.
  • Welding Torch.
  • Milling System for welding seam.
  • Pinch System for the tail of the strip.
  • Exit Guiding Adjustable System

Strip accumulators

In order to avoid to stop the production during the joint of coil to coil, a spiral accumulator is present in order to give the correct buffer for this operation. The entry section run faster than the profiling unit giving the margin to weld head and tail.

The system can work with the following methods:

  • Synchronized functioning: the entry speed and the outlet speed are the same of the mill.
  • Stop of the line for the welding of the tail/head. In this phase the mill takes the material stocked in the accumulator.
  • When the welding process has finished, the entry speed is higher than the outlet in order to accumulate quickly the quantity of strip used during the welding phase.
  • When the defined strip quantity is reached, the machine is automatically synchronized with the speed of the tube line.

Cut-Off units

FIMI’s cut-off are machines completely designed, manufactured, assembled and commissioned as a result of perfect understanding of the technological cycle, customer’s needs and feedback constantly received from our experience on the field.

FIMI project, manufacture and install milling cut-off units able to cut pipes in the range from 13 up to 610 mm API outside diameter, according to customer’s specifications based on production speed and wall thickness.

  • Four Blades shear - Orbital Flying Cut-Off.
  • Double Blade Shear - Flying Cut-Off.
  • Single Blade Shear - Flying Cut-Off.


Entry Group

  • Coil loading unit (cradle and uncoiler).
  • Coil opening unit.
  • Automatic Strip Joint Bench.
  • Strip Accumulators with devitatori e pich-roll lancia nastro.

Profiling unit

  • Break down stands.
  • Linear or traditional cage forming.
  • Finn-pass stands.
  • Full direct forming from hollow sections.
  • Edge guiding unit.
  • Welding head.
  • External scarfing unit.
  • Cooling tank.
  • Sizing unit.
  • Turk heads.


  • Stationary shears with 1 or 2 blades.
  • Flying shears with 1, 2 or 4 blades.

Complementary Devices

  • Quick Change for:
       • break-down unit.
       • finn-pass unit.
       • sizing unit.
  • Internal Scarfing unit.
  • Eddy-Check unit.
  • Scrap cutter or scrap baller.
  • UST for welding seam.
  • Inkjet marking machine.



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