Good packaging is necessary to preserve the outgoing product from the Cut to Length, Slitting and Recoiling Lines.
This phase ensures that the added value, generated in the finishing lines, is maintained during the transport from the coil processing plants to the end users, also allowing safe handling of the sub-coils and sheets.


The most Important Companies rely on FIMI knowledge when they have to layout their Coil Service Centers.

We have proven know-how in layouting Slitting, Cut To Length & Packing Lines Facilities of metal strips.

All the lines are designed by FIMI in order to create efficient links between the stocking bays, crowded with coils to be processed, and the products yards, busy with slit coils and sheet packs to be dispatched to the end users.


For coil and/or slit coil of ferrous and/or non-ferrous material

An accurate design of the disposition of a slit-coils packing line at the end of a slitting line is the best way to ensure the maximum productivity. The configuration of a slit-coils packing line depends on some special factors and customer needs. FIMI is able to study tailor-made solutions and offer a wide range of products to make slit-coils packing lines automatics.


  • Slit Coil downender for aluminum.

  • Single Coil Radial Strapping.

  • Coils Pile Radial Strapping.

  • Pick-up of eye-to-sky Slit Coil by magnets.

  • Eye-to-sky Slit Coil Pick-up by Vacuum Lifter with Safe Gripper on outer slit coil diameter.

  • Single Coil Radial Strapping.

  • Coils Pile Radial Strapping.

For packages of split and stacked sheets

Downstream a Cut to Length, a good Packaging start on Staking Platforms.
Staking Platforms are designed in a variety of ways upon sheet-material is carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum and whether these are piled with or without Pallet: target is to avoid any kind of damage is produced during sheet-stacking.


  • Vacuum stacker.

  • Magnetic stacker.

  • Air cushion stacker.

  • Rackets stacker.

  • Air cushion and rackets stacker.

  • Bomb doors stacker.

  • Stacker for trapezoidal sheets.

"Customized" series

With configurations and functions designed ad-hoc, in relation to the special needs of the customer.


Complementary devices on a sheets stacker

  • Pallet Feeding on rear of Magnetic Stacker.

  • Automatic Wrapping Machine.

  • Automatic insertion of Pallet under sheet-pack.

  • Automatic wooden stocks insertion & Transverse Strapping.

  • Automatic sheet-packs Piling.

Complementary devices on a slit coil packing line

  • Fully Automatic Circumferential Strapping.

  • Turnstile-to-Turnstile Slit Coils Transfer Car.

  • Turnstile Stacking Stations.

  • Robot to place wooden Sticks in between Slit Coils.

  • Slit Coils Pile fully-automatic strapped and wrapped with top cover.



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