Second meeting: "learning with FIMI"

On Monday 30th May, the second meeting with the students of the Cattaneo University of Castellanza (VA) took place. This time they were attending the second year of Management Engineering Bachelor Degree in English.

The students could visit the headquarter in Viganò (LC) and the FIMI Automation office for a direct field study.

Professor Maddalena Aime, as well as FIMIGroup’s Sales Manager for the ferrous division, supported by Mr. Roberto Merlo, FIMIGroup’s Sales Manager for the non-ferrous division, has first explained the company and what it deals with, exemplifying the basic concepts of plant engineering and the problems associated with it, with the most technological and innovative line realized by FIMI: washing, degreasing and painting line for thin aluminium. Many aspects of plant engineering, automation, safety and certification and Industry 4.0 have been discussed in order to convey the sequence of processes leading to the realisation of these installations, propaedeutic for understanding the company organisation, the order management, its physical realisation and the cost structure.
Afterwards, students had the opportunity to meet the CEO of FIMIGroup, Mr Antonio Pensotti, for an interview with important points of discussion, included several aspects of managing a group like ours.

We then moved to the FIMI Automation office in Barzanò (LC) to visit the site, get in touch with the company processes and the base concepts of industrial automation, showing the actual use of notions introduced in the course and reaffirming the concept of the management engineer’s role within an automation and machine-building reality and the job opportunities that can be offered inherent to what students learn in their studies’ course of Management Engineering.

Back at the headquarter in Viganò, we visited the mechanical workshop and assembly of the FIMI Machinery division where plants and machines that process coils of different material typologies, are built. Then we concluded and we came back home.

Subsequently, on Monday 6th June in conclusion of the company overview, the third event took place thanks to a conference call with Mr. Domenico Mastronicola, Business Analyst & Controller of FIMIGroup, who explained the contract costing and monitoring methodologies, highlighting the main problems encountered and the different solutions proposed.

Wishing good luck for the continuation of their studies from FIMIGroup to all the students who were involved in the three appointments with us, in the hope of having conveyed notions that may be useful in their professional journey.

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