FIMI Automation has been operating in the automation industry since 1988.

The know-how of our always up-to-date team and the exchange of information among our project managers allow us to follow each phase of the initial study and electric design of our projects and of the software production and development.

FIMIGroup equipment are the result of decades of experience and worldwide deliveries of lines with similar applications. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions for the specific needs of each new project.

Thanks to its expertise, FIMI is able to meet the main needs of the customers in the following areas:

  • Reasonable operating and investment costs.
  • High productivity and flexibility.
  • Products with narrow and reproducible tolerances.
  • Sales standards, market requirements and trends.
  • Low maintenance and reduced downtime.
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FIMI Automation is the result of the acquisition by FIMIGroup of two companies that have been working for years in the design and construction of automation systems for the metallurgical sector: L.A.E.B. S.r.l. and Mec Service Srl.

The merger of these two companies has created an entity of about 25 employees that, integrating competences, experiences and technical skills, operate in the headquarters in Barzanò.


FIMI Automation is specialized in the the design, construction and commissioning of electrical equipment and automation, hardware and software, for plants in the metallurgical sector. All the automation levels supplied by our Company are developed by using standard products such as Siemens, ABB, GE, Rockwell, easily available on the market and synonymous with guarantee and proven reliability.

The design of all the systems, of the application software for the PLCs, of the µP systems and of the HMI computers, is completely carried out independently by FIMI Automation technicians.

The Company also provides all the management and quality controls for the proper execution of projects.



Power Switchboards

FIMI Automation designs and develops the following power switchboards types:

  • Distribution switchboards.
  • MCC switchboards for fixed speed motors.
  • Switchboards for drives in Direct Current.
  • Low voltage Alternating Current motors.
  • Switchboards for stand-alone Alternating Current drives or in DC-Bus configuration.

Automation Level 1

Represents the operational center of the production line. The main component is PLC, an industrial digital computer adapted for the control of manufacturing processes.

In order to allow operators to monitor and control the production line, it is possible to place:

  • Operator pulpit, that allows the movement of some components of the production line.
  • Operator panels, graphic supervision systems that allow operators to perform short localized production processes.
  • HMI Stations, located on the main operator pulpit, allow operators to:
    • Manually enter production data.
    • Monitor and supervise the entire production process.
    • Receive information regarding faults and or anomalies.
    • Receive information coming from safety system.

Automation Level 2

It is dedicated to collecting production data coming from Customer's production planning system. Given the variety of business management systems currently on the market, over the years we have developed the ability to offer different solutions for specific customer needs.

Level 2 system is intended to exchange and to manage coil and production information providing the following main functions:

  • Operator receives PDI from Level 3.
  • Store PDI to be sent to the finishing line.
  • Allow modification and manipulation of PDI data.
  • Input PDI in case Level 3 is not available.
  • Send the PDI data to the finishing line.
  • Store PDO from finishing line.
  • Generate PDO reports (shift, day, month).
  • Monitor alarm and record alarm status of finishing line.
  • Send PDO data to the Level 3 system.
  • Track material.

Integrated Systems

FIMI Automation is able to offer an integrated Level 1 and Level 2 automation system that groups together the most sophisticated technological commands. The controlling system is implemented on a microprocessor platform and on a personal computer.

The basic hardware configuration for the system, mounted on a single electric cubicle, includes the following components:

  • A µP platform to control Level 1 system (the number of CPUs depends on the application to be automated).
  • Personal computer for Level 1 HMI system.
  • Personal computer and server with database for Level 2 and related HMI system.
  • Personal computer for acquisition and elaboration of process data.
  • Personal computer as engineering station.

Other optional devices can be added according to the particular application or request. The system can be easily integrated on an automation plant using international standard communication protocols such as Profinet, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP, etc.


FIMI Automation is also specialized in the design and production of robotized islands for different applications. Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, the company is state-of-the-art in this sector too, which is playing an increasingly important role worldwide.

The robotized islands made by FIMI Automation enable a productivity increase by reducing processing times and guaranteeing the maximum safety for operators in the workplace.

The main application of FIMI Automation’s robotized islands is in the coating of metals or plastic parts.

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