FIMI aims to maintain the highest level of investor satisfaction granted by the profitability of our solutions based on our deep understanding of the process together with our natural empathy making the investor man power operating our plants at the maximum performance in the minimum time.


● Pursue a continuous quality improvements of both products and processes.
● Achieve the optimum ratio between quality and price either by choosing top technology in equipments and methods or by selecting top qualified suppliers
● Improve the capability of satisfying all our customer needs and increasing flexibility in terms of time and quantity of delivery.
● Assure technical support both in designing and solving the problems of our customer.
● Provide next to the product all those complementary services needed such as technical documentation, information, certification.


The most Important Companies rely on our knowledge when they have to layout their Coil Service Centers. We have a proven know-how in layouting Slitting & Crosscutting Facilities of metal strips.

Slitting & Cut To Length Lines are designed to create efficient links between the stocking bays, crowded with coils to be processed, and the products yards, busy with slit coils and sheet packs to be dispatched to the end users.

Value and Purposes

• Promote a target oriented cooperation and a personal relation to achieve top satisfaction and maintain long term partnership
• Assure know how and confidentiality
• Provide adequate production capacity


• Warrant environment safety in conformity with the relevant policy and law
• Promote energy conservation


• Pursue qualification and motivation
• Realize group cooperation as well as personal valorisation
• Promote cordiality and respect
• Guarantee a safe and healthy workplace
• Establish clear conditions for a long term partneshift  based on reliability, quality and competitive price
• Promote the mutual cooperation and the respect of terms and payments



• Nurture growth of the company by warranting adequate profitability and financial stability as premises needed to pursue our company Vision and realize our company Mission.

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