Fimi Service and Fimi GmbH are the division of FIMI which operates in the field of construction, maintenance, revamping, transformation of mechanical groups, steel factories lines, coil processing lines, tube mills and industrial plant for internal handling. Second-hand or low on production industrial plant can be completely restructured and equipped with automatism and advanced electronic systems in order to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Elongation of plant lifetime.
  • Keeping of liquidity.
  • Improving of your products' quality.


Our presence inside the industries is alive also where the maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic groups is a vital requirement for the company. 

And the more important is the specialization, the more our work is highly valued.

FIMI has decades of experience and know-how in the manufacture of profiling and cutting lines. In cooperation with Customer, we develop and carry out:

  • Mechanical and technological modernizations.
  • Analysis and elimination of problems.
  • Components for replacement and expansion of plants.
  • Competent and timely execution with relevant after sales service.

Fimi Service e Fimi GmbH are able to provide Customer assistance through the following services:

  • Installation of industrial plant and start-up.
  • Industrial plant assigned employees training.
  • After-sales service with spare parts supply.
  • Eventual intervention directly in production.


In order to answer to the growing inquiry of assistance from Customers, we have created a Service structure which can manage 360° the work on site or at Customer site.

Our intervention teams have at their disposal means equipped as mobile workshop, completely independent, in order to make all needed interventions in every side of Italy and abroad.

The teams are composed by expertise maintenance workers trained by years of works, inside the workshop.

Reliability, promptness and service plenitude, allowed Fimi Service and Fimi GmbH to become a reference for companies like Tenaris and Ilva Group in a short time.

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