FIMI Management strongly wanted to achieve and define a Quality Policy based on the same Company’s principles, VISION and MISSION to plan and operate on common reference points.

This policy is pursued at all levels of the company and has become a commonly shared working style based on :


Customer Satisfaction

1. Customer Satisfaction in terms of Quality, Price and Service.

2. Customer Satisfaction is what determines FIMI reputation inside the world market as a consequence of the economic results of our same company.

3. Because Customer Satisfaction is the best added value, feedback and FIMI reference.


Improvement of the company processes

4. Pursue a quality management strategy and a manufacturing process based on continuous improvement to deliver the highest quality products, following a long term planning strategy, starting from the analysis of the results and proceeding with the search for new solutions and challenges. 

5. Struggle for the constant implementation of weaker aspects either of products or processes in order to prevent and avoid customers complaints.


Commitment to people and environment

6. Promote the shared purpose of management and stuff in creating a positive and satisfying working atmosphere where aims and goals are achieved together.

7. Select the suppliers on the basis of their willingness to establish a continuous long-term relation aimed to achieve common results.

8. Accomplish our activities in conformity with the environmental policy either considering the use of natural resources by monitoring air emission and waste as well as focusing on providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees.

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