Automation levels by FIMI

  • Besides the LEVEL 1 Control System, we have the ability to provide the LEVEL 2 in a impressive variety of Customized Solutions: while LEVEL 1 is in charge to control the functions of the Line, the LEVEL 2 is dedicated to collect the many production data for their elaboration according to the Customer’s needs.
  • Proper link is provided to connect LEVEL 2 with the Customer’s LEVEL 3.

Tele-service via Internet

  • Long distance Service, better known as Tele-service, is nowadays possible by easy access to the worldwide available Internet Web. At Customer’s site, the Line Control System as LEVEL 1 is equipped with the so called VPN Server in charge to collect the Line functioning data through a dedicated VPN as Virtual Private Network communicating on Ethernet protocol; the data thus collected are sent to the upper LEVEL 2 “Switch” to reach the “Router” in charge to dialog via Internet with the FIMI Head Quarter in Italy
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