Coil inspection lines

  • The design of a Coil Inspection Line is by definition focused to carry out top and bottom surface inspection of metal strips starting from coils; this is the case, for instance, when the automotive carbon steel is processed.
  • Specific areas of the Line are designed to carry out the inspection of the strip: checks are to identify possible defects among which minors can be rectified on the spot in a dedicated area.
  • The record of up to no. 45 different kinds of defects is possible: the data are stored for their elaboration into our design LEVEL 2 System.
  • The Coil Inspection Line features an Edge Trimming Machine; center line slitting is an option always available by the Customer’s need.
  • The scrap edges trimmed from the strip are collected as a ball by a Scrap Baller or chopped to pieces by a Scrap Cutter.
  • Top and bottom recoiling are possible to be carried out assisted by Belt Wrapper.
  • When center line slitting is performed, the recoiling of tight coils is guaranteed by either friction or non-friction Tensioning Systems fitted onto a Tension Carriage like in Slitting Lines.


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