FIMI, i.e. Fabbrica Impianti Macchine Industriali (Metal Strips and Sheets Cutting Lines), was established in 1963.

The company, located in Viganò (Lecco), Italy, via dell'Industria 15, is ranged among the first five manufacturers of metal strip cutting lines worldwide. The leadership has grown from the firm basis of high quality products and very performing solutions.

FIMI manufactures complete lines for "cutting to length", "slitting of metal strip", "Recoiling" and "Inspection" starting from coils, including "Packing solutions" for sheets, slit coils and mother coils. A wide range of material, from ferrous to non-ferrous such as steel, high resistance steel, stainless steel, painted steel and aluminium, is processed into the lines. FIMI products are mainly destined for steel-work service centres as well as end-users such as the automotive and the household appliances industry.
FIMI services, which are extending to the steel-making industry, include cutting facilities for metal strips 30 mm thickness and 2.500 mm wide.

With a continuously growing financial turnover the company is a leader in Europe. Of no less importance is the position FIMI holds in overseas countries such as China, India and Russia.
FIMI sales are of 80% in foreign countries, mostly in Europe, with a very important presence in Russia, China, South-Eastern Asia and South America.
Aiming to target the customers' increasing demands, FIMI has incorporated since 1990 a company like SA.MO. which has been completely dedicated to the Slitting Line product. FIMI has thus created a group counting 150 employees, connected to a net of outsourcing suppliers of machinery composed of 100 employees.

FIMI prestigious customers have found in the company an ideal partner, capable of dealing with very important matters like quality and reliability.
FIMI know-how is continuously developing in tight cooperation with the customers to fulfil the real production requirements.

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